Painting A Scifi Image With 3 Point Perspective

Gumroad 3point title

To create my Megastructures 4 painting, I decided to limit myself to using 2d perspective grids rather than creating a full 3d image. This tutorial goes into all the details of how to use grids to paint in 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective, and using Photoshop's transform - Deform tool to put flat objects into proper perspective. The first half of the 37 min video shows all the theory, and the second half shows a portion of my actual process creating the final painting at double speed with narration. Achieving proper perspective is an important fundamental skill and this video will give you some tips and tricks how to add more accurate perspective to your own imagery. Comes with a free 4096 pixel perspective grid.

Video is 37 minutes long.

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