Starship Hull 11

One of a number of starship hull test images. I made these images to explore variations in greebling and hull plate shapes and configurations. The tests are a little less practical and a little more abstract, but they have been really helpful, and should be a great source of inspiration and practical experience the next time I decide to make a full fledged 3d model of a starship, space station or even a mechanized planet. 90% of this is painted in 2d inside photoshop, some pipes are rendered from 3dsmax and then photobashed into place to create more complex configurations, and many patterns were inspired or produced by Darktree, Bercon Noise and Filterforge procedurals. This piece is sort of a companion piece to Tech Floor 8, other inspiration from the classic Star Wars Death Star Trench, and thanks to GrungeTV on Deviantart, who's also been experimenting with my panels technique, I used your "Quadanium Steel" image as inspiration as well.