Space Baroque Venrusi Forest Rough

What started out as a contribution to a friend's book project has since expanded into its own spinoff project under the temporary codename "Space Baroque".

In an alternate universe, after centuries of war, 5 planetary kingdoms reach a stalemate and agree to form a new combined empire, whose emperor is chosen by hand to hand combat among champions from each planetary system. But the agreed upon peace is only skin deep, with each kingdom looking for a way to gain political or technological advantage over the other. Expect political intrigue, galactic wars, strange alien races, and all the things you'd expect from a top notch space opera. For Fans Of: Space Operas, Dune, Metabarons

This picture shows off an environmental concept for a forest on the planet. Worked to find recognizable shapes in the plants, but with a few surprises. This is a rough mood painting, will likely do some more detailed plantlife paintings later.