Disintegration Urban City Buildings

Concept Design for V1 Interactive's "Disintegration".

The first image are a number of designs for buildings. The key was these needed to feel like "near future", so they needed to walk a careful line, modern day with a touch of future, without going full Syd Mead. Next are some store fronts in the city, these needed special attention since the gravcycle was going to spend most of its time near the ground, not way up high by the tops of the buildings. Then a few explorations how the storefronts would be integrated into the buildings. And finally, while I'm no videogame designer, as a concept artist I was constantly trying to create buildings that allowed the player to be tactical, areas the player could hide behind, hide in, ledges to hover over, basically ways to traverse the city that were more interesting then just walking / floating down the street. A good concept designer must always think about the player experience, and of course listen to the needs of the game designer, as they are the expert in that area.

Big thanks to Marcus Lehto, Matt Bennier, and all the V1 Interactive folk who provided me with art direction, greyboxes to paint over and support during my time working on the project!