June 11th 2008
Programs: MAX, wireBundler, Brazil 2.0, Darktree, Photoshop
This is one of those models that came to me during traffic. WTF you say? Well, I'm sitting in my car, stuck on the 580 going towards Emeryville, and I'm behind this big truck for a mile going at 5 mph, and the truck's rear bumper has all of these brake lights. Suddenly, it dawns on me that the warning lights look like a strip of eyes, staring back at me. The creative juices start to flow, and this is what I end up with. The eyes also remind me a bit of the Sentinels in the matrix films, but then again, people driving to ESC to work on those films were probably stuck in the exact same traffic I was, since their facility was only 5 exits south of where I was headed :) My inspiration also came from printer cables, and a beast that shows up in the middle of the film Naussica. There's something about the long and flat creature that I find unusually appealing, probably because it's not something you see in nature all the time.

The wires use my wireBundler script, Darktree for some of the texture, other parts of the texture were hand painted in photoshop. Rendered using Brazil 2.0.

Prey Textured Turntable

Prey Smooth Turntable