Disintegration Old Meg

Concept Design for V1 Interactive's "Disintegration".

The Old Meg was a giant prewar hovership that crashed into a mountain and became the primary base for the outlaws. It was a cross between an aircraft carrier and tanker ship. Images 1 and 2 were some silhouette thumbnails of what the ship could look like. Image 3 is the final silhouette for the ship. Image 4 is a rough 3d mockup of the ship, which underwent a few more silhouette tweaks. Image 5 and 6 was a drawing of the details on the ship from the top and side view, drawn in photoshop over top the rough 3d model. Image 7 and 8 was a front 3/4 view. Image 9 and 10 back 3/4. Image 11 and 12 the bottom view. And image 13 was an inside view showing the bridge details.

Big thanks to Marcus Lehto, Matt Bennier, and all the V1 Interactive folk who provided me with art direction, greyboxes to paint over and support during my time working on the project!