Entry Point 2

Aug 27th 2005
Programs: MAX, Brazil, Power Solids, Photoshop, wireBundler
Used Power Solids for a few of the pieces of the main connector, but this is primarily a polygonal model. The wires were done with a new version of wireBundler (a script I wrote) that lets me assign geometry to the wires using pathdeform. I spent a lot of time on the wires, since I'm sort of bored with the whole smooth wires with a texture map thing, it was time to get more details in there like connectors and such. The wound is a complex hand painted texture map with several layers. Rendered in Brazil, post process in Photoshop. While this image and Alternative Birth have some similarities, this really was always intended to be a sequel to my Entry Point image, and thematically works better as such since the wires were exploding out in Alternative Birth, and here the wires are entering in.