Gas Walker 1

Dec 11th 2007
Programs: MAX, Brazil, WireBundler, Groboto, Photoshop
Been working on this one off and on for about a year. This is one of those images that started out cool, got really, really ugly looking, then kinda came together at the end again. The image has probably been overhauled 3 or 4 times, but I decided to stick with the original composition, and maybe some alternate compositions will appear as sequels in the coming years. Everything modeled in max, the creatures uses my WireBundler script heavily. While no geometry appears in the final image, the original concept for the creature came from experiments using Groboto, a procedural modeling tool by Braid. Rendered in Brazil, comp in photoshop. I decided to inject a bit of a narrative in this image, which is rare, my work is usually a little more abstract.