Dec 5th 2007
Programs: MAX, Brazil 2.0
This model started off as a much loftier concept of a sand dwelling robot character, in the end the most interesting part of the concept was his head, so I decided to turn it into a bust. The first image shows him with his faceshield on (to avoid his internals getting totally encrusted with sand), the second shows him open, with voice and ventilation unit exposed. I imagine each of his three eyes to have different lens sets, sorta like how humans use bifocals, or how you change lenses on your camera to go between extreme wideangle and extreme telephoto. If he needs to see close up, he uses the bottom eye, to see far off in the distant sands, he uses his top eye, the middle eye is for mid range viewing. Would love to get this made into a realworld articulated model. Modeled all in subds, Rendered in Brazil 2.0.

Sandman Smooth Turntable